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Par ralphmcmahon
#21257 They do not impose such strict requirements on the design of reports as on the design of larger-scale works (term papers, diploma theses). Nevertheless, negligence in design, non-compliance with standards and with help of write my essay for me can lead to a decrease in the assessment.
What the report consists of
The composition of the report is similar to the composition of the abstract. The following structural elements can be distinguished:
Title page - often the report is not submitted to the teacher for verification in printed form (the student simply reads it out in front of the audience), then there is no need to prepare this element. When receiving an assignment, you can clarify the delivery procedure, but if you have not learned how it is customary to draw up a report at your institute, it is still better to prepare a title.
Content (table of contents) - methodology allows not to make content for works of a small volume (and the report rarely exceeds 10 pages). If the presentation is large, or divided into many questions, the content will be useful for the speaker himself.
Introduction - it may not stand out as a separate structural element (not have a title), but some introductory construction that allows the audience to be interested is required. The volume of the introduction should be 5-10% of the total volume of the report, i.e. if the report is 5 pages long - no more than half a page. In this part, it is necessary to indicate the relevance of the work, to briefly indicate from which side the topic will be considered in the report.
The main part is the actual disclosure of the topic of the report.
Conclusion - Like the introduction, it may not have a headline. Also, depending on the topic, it can be called "conclusions", "results", "results".
References - if the report uses a source without mentioning it, it may be considered plagiarism.