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#21221 A lot has changed for the Los Angeles Lakers when the team decided to trade for 2K23 MT Russell Westbrook last summer. Los Angeles traded legitimate NBA assets as well as a pick in the first round for Westbrook in a move that was widely criticised during the period. Many of those who opposed the deal were right, and Westbrook was one of the biggest problems in the team's side during the last season. The Lakers have found themselves in the place where they'd do better if they trade Westbrook however they may have given up on that happening.

The sad part is that Westbrook seemingly still thinks that his skills are elite. Westbrook took no responsibility for his team's performance in his exit interview last season. Westbrook has an ego in basketball that's difficult to break. Perhaps the folks at NBA 2K23 can break that self-image a bit though. Ratings for the upcoming game are starting to come out, and Westbrook's score is not one of a superstar player (which Westbrook thinks he's). It's one who plays a bench position in rotation.

Russell Westbrook was given an terrible 78-percent rating for the overall performance of NBA 2K23. Russell Westbrook has the fourth-highest 2K23 rating on the Los Angeles Lakers. Westbrook is obviously behind both Buy NBA 2K23 MT LeBron and Anthony Davis but he is equally behind his latest teammate , Patrick Beverley. The folks over at 2K gave Patrick Beverley a 79 overall rating, which is suitable for where he's at in his career.