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#21224 What Is the Citation Index?


Due to inexperience, many believe that these are one and the same. No. The citation index is a quantitative indicator, it has a clear numerical or percentage value. However, he cannot assess the qualitative characteristics of the activity. Why are citing? Because it's trendy and new, or because it's really important and useful?


A full measure of quality is the citation index. It is also called the library of the future. The principle of the indicator is as follows:
  • A scientific retrieval system has at its disposal a certain amount of data. For example, the most authoritative such platform is Scopus and WoS.
  • In order for the publishing house to be included in the database, and the journals to become peer-reviewed, a strict expert attestation procedure is carried out. In other words, hard casting.
  • The selection is carried out simultaneously according to two parameters - the quality of the material and the bibliography (list of references).
  • Indexed information is that which has been accredited. Therefore, the citation index shows the results on demand, based on a deep comprehensive analysis of the material.


Each platform has its own details and criteria. However, the same source such as pay someone to write a paper can be indexed on several databases at once. Therefore, take care when choosing sources.


How is the calculation done?


Each platform has its own algorithm and procedure for calculating the indicator. A common feature is the fact that the calculation takes into account the total number of references of a particular person in the scientific works of other scientists who have publications in journals indexed by a certain database. The more links, the better.


What is important to know about this order?
  • Self-quoting is not included in the count.
  • There is no division by the number of co-authors. Since the order assumes the maximum reduction in the time spent on searching, as a result it will not be clear whether the reference to a particular author is an individual one or a work in collaboration.


The same work of a scientist can be placed in different bibliographic bases, and each of them has a different citation index. Therefore, a comprehensive analysis is important for an objective assessment.